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Tiger Woods Being Embarrassed About His Coffee Order Is Absolutely Adorable

Cute as heck. Tiger clearly being embarrassed about his hazelnut latte order audibly made me go, "Awwwww" I couldn't tell you the last time we saw Tiger Woods embarrassed. Maybe never? Certainly not in the last 15 years. That's an emotion he almost never shows to the public but he was VERY embarrassed about his coffee order. As soon as it got brought up you could tell he wanted to talk about anything else in the world. He even did a little "stop" when she pressed him on it. Adorable. And you know what? In the past I would've made fun of Tiger for his hazelnut latte order because I drink my coffee black like a #man but I've matured. People are free to drink their coffee however they'd like and it's no skin off my back. Unless your name is Phil Mickelson because his morning coffee is utterly preposterous and deserves to get made fun of.

PS- It's pretty amazing that Tiger saying he wakes up at 3am doesn't even faze us anymore. He's talked about his crazy wake up time so much that they just skipped right over that part in the interview.