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Gordon Ramsay Is Roasting The Hell Out Of People's Meals On TikTok

I think it is safe to say Gordon Ramsay is one of those people who the vast majoirty people generally like. He's ruthlessly mean, delivers excellent one-liners and has a fantastic British accent. Not really sure what else you could ask for out of a human being. His claim to fame is a variety of television shows where his schtick is just eviscerating chefs for their cooking.

 If you somehow don't know who he is, here's a great example. 2:10ish mark in that video for specifics, but the entire thing is a treat.

"WHEEEREEE'S THE LAAAAAMB SAAAAUCE" is an all-timer. Truly just hilarious. Hands on the knees, bent over, screaming directly into someone's face.

He's also super self-aware, which is always a pleasant surprise for celebrities, and has done some parody-type stuff which has been meme into absolute oblivion.

Recently Ramsay, like many, has taken his talents to TikTok, imploring TikTok chefs to send him their recipes for him to review. The results are absolutely spectacular.

First off, he roasted his own daughter? Brutal, even as a joke. I could actually feel the true disappointment and shame through the screen.

Calling someone a "doughnut" (a Ramsay classic) is sneakily insanely mean and hurtful. I feel it isn't a term many can pull off, but he obviously can and I'm thrilled about it.

"Young lady…that right there…is an IDIOT sandwich." I think my favorite part of this one, is that even pithing this schtick of his, he seems truly, deeply upset by the fact that this woman is calling this absolute monstrosity a sandwich.

Those are just a few recent, good ones, but I recommend hopping on TikTok and really going down the rabbit hole. I know TikTok isn't for everyone, and that's understandable, but I can assure you that you will be happy with the results on Ramsay's page specifically. Some absolutely great, simple, funny content.