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Why Isn't Dua Lipa A MEGA Star By Now?

After a lonnnnnnng day of watching my neighborhood get ravaged on an endless loop on local Chicago television, after witnessing it firsthand all night, at the end of it I was graced with a sight for very sore eyes. 

One of my favorite artists to come along in a real real long time - Dua Lipa.

She was hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and looked like a million bucks.

And it's not because she's easy on the eyes. And her accent makes your knees buckle. She has an incredible voice and is a hit machine. 

She just did a segment where she is Zooming with random people expecting somebody famous to be on the other line, and she asks them if they know who Dua Lipa is and not one of them had a clue. Obviously this was edited for TV but it's not totally unfounded. There are a lot of people out there not under the age of 30 who have no clue who this 24 year old Londoner is. But chances are very very good they know her music. 

Yah, she's got a zillion instagram followers but I'm talking household name status like Gaga and Rihanna, etc. She's just as, if not more, talented. (Yah I said it) And a dime. And chicks agree. (sidebar - guys if you wanna impress your girl bring up how hot you think Dua Lipa is in a non-threatening type of way. Girl go nuts for this chick's look. Especially her eye-brows for some bizarre reason. Yah whatever. But they'll think highly of you for having taste and not being into the trashbag type (whether you are or not.))

She burst on the scene at the age of 19, fresh off a modeling contract with the song "New Love" 

Kinda out there but still a major hit in Britain.

2017 was a huge year for her with her feature on the "Bridge Over Troubled Water" project by Artsits for Grenfell

followed by the release of her debut self titled album.

The lead single- "New Rules" = banger.

And since then it's just been smash after smash.

Followed by this past year's follow up album- the disco infused Future Nostalgia. One of my favorite albums to come out in a long fuckin time. And you can hate on disco all you want, but that means you don't like upbeat, fun music. Which is fine, to each their own. But this album is very fire.