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The Washington Football Team May Have Just Hinted Towards A Name Change To Red Wolves


First of all, Sarah...sup? Hi. How are you? How was your day? 

But second of all, I guess now begins the year-long "what will they rename the team" tease from the current Washington Football Team.  If this is a planned roll-out this would be a good start, if this is them going rogue, a la the #1932 debacle, then that's just mean spirited. 



Here's where I'm going to get shockingly optimistic- 2 years ago I'd say Dan Snyder told them to tease Red Wolves just to spite the fans. That's the sort of terrible human he is. Vince McMahon-esque. Vince buries popular talent who get over with the crowd on their own because he thinks he knows what the fans want better than what the fans actually want. Hence all time low ratings right now. That's how Lil Dan Dan operates as well.

Now with this whole big culture change, I don't think they can afford to operate like that anymore. They HAVE to listen to the fans, because there have never been fewer. People have stopped caring about this team. They cannot afford to fuck this up. So teasing Red Wolves, which is easily far and away the fan favorite, and then still going with something as boring as Warriors, would just further aggravate the fan base.

I still think they should keep it The Washington Football Team. I would have preferred it be Washington Football Club, but WFT works for me as well. I love the new helmets, I love they kept the colors, and it is just unique enough to work. WFT 4 ever. But Red Wolves is cool too.