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Devin Booker Draining This Shot From The Logo Is Nothing Short Of Mesmerizing

I don't necessarily know if this counts as blog worthy, and it may not, but here it is in a blog so deal with it. I've probably watched this Devin Booker shot 25 times and laughed out loud every single time. Middle of the game, shot clock winding down but still time to make something happen, and Booker just says fuck it and pulls up from the logo. Ball barely touches the net. Simply preposterous. It's maybe the most pure jump shot I've ever seen. I thought at first he bricked it, but nope just right through the net as clean as can be. Mesmerizing is the only word to describe this. I can't stop watching it. Paul George will probably call it a bad shot, but a make is a make my friend. 

Suns won again today in a rout of the Thunder. 6-0 in the bubble. Longest winning streak in Booker's career. Longest winning streak by the Suns since 2014. They still need help to get into a play-in game situation with the 8 seed in the West, but anytime the Suns are on I'm watching and betting on them. Watching Booker play in the bubble is so much fun. Dude's scored 30 or more in four of their six games and just cooks anyone who guards him. Everyone is so quick to slurp TJ Warren for what he's doing with Indiana, but don't forget Booker outscored him a few games ago in what was another Suns win. 

I hate to be on the same side as the Section 10 boys, but SOGO life is electric.