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Watch Ben Shapiro Read The Lyrics To "WAP" By Cardi B And Megan Thee Stallion

Don't know what the "Must Watch" policy is around here nowadays, but I really thought about slapping that tag on this video. Just laugh out funny from start to finish. Nerdy white guys (I am one so I would know) reading hardcore rap lyrics always makes me laugh. There's an old YouTube video (that I can't find) of an old guy doing a dramatic reading of Soulja Boy's "Crank Dat" lyrics and it made me chuckle every single time. But Ben Shapiro unironically, slowly reading aloud the lyrics to a song named "Wet Ass Pussy" is a level of comedy I didn't know existed. 

What is your favorite part? When he clarifies that "the p-word is female genitalia" or when he says "spit in my mouth." It's a hard call. 

The inevitable remix was made and it exceeded expectations. 

Actually extremely catchy. 

I would say we need a PFT parody of this, but I'm not sure how you can parody this any further. Would also love to hear Lil Sasquatch and Ben Shapiro compare reviews.