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Jason Derulo Apparently "Knocked Out" Will Smith's Teeth

Weird, weird times we're living in. Pandemic. College football on the brink. And famous people pulling pranks to go viral. 

I mean, how fucked up is that less than 15 years ago Will Smith was going on a run of "I Am Legend", "Pursuit of Happyness", and "Hitch" to now resorting to teaming up with captain wiggle dicker Jason Derulo for prank videos. 


People don't actually believe this, right? A golf club backswing that hard would have fucked his face up more than just perfectly chipping his front teeth. 

He's had a rough go during all this. Found out his wife had an affair with a younger man, and apparently is getting his teeth knocked out. 

I don't know, man. I guess I just grew up in the era like I said where Will Smith was just dominating on the big screen so it's weird for me now to see him cater to 15 year olds on TikTok, but father time is undefeated and I guess this is just how you have to adapt to stay in people's lives in 2020.