Leonard Fournette Spent His Offseason on a 'World Tour' to Avoid COVID: 'Wherever the Corona Was at, I Ran Away From It'

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Leonard Fournette may have just shown the world the most galaxy brain way to prevent contracting coronavirus: traveling.

Who would have thought that the very thing everybody was supposed to avoid for months was actually the cure this whole time? If wherever you are has an outbreak, just go somewhere else. After all, they do say the simplest answer is usually the correct one.

I actually always respect anyone who just admits they go with the easiest answer. Anytime somebody says something like, "Why don't we just print more money?" the answer is always, "It's more complicated than that." But is it really, though? Why does it have to be more complicated? if you see the 'rona coming, pack it up and go somewhere else.

Luckily, all that's over now and he's back in Florida, where there has certainly been no recent outbreaks of COVID and everything is fine.