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Which Three 2003 Movies Would You Delete FOREVER?

Column A: LOTR is untouchable for me. Beyond the insane nostalgia value, it's an objectively amazing movie. It comes down to the other two, and I think I want to save Pirates. Finding Nemo is incredible, but there is plenty of other animated movies in the same stratosphere as it. Not sure I can say the same for Pirate movies. Plus, Jack Sparrow is the best. Has any character had a more iconic introduction to a franchise? 

Column B: Lost in Translation is probably the best movie out of these three from a sheer quality standpoint, but it's my choice. This isn't a hot take, but I fucking love Mystic River. (The Penn scene is unreal). I'm also going to avoid deleting any Tarantino movie when I can. 

Column C: This is probably the hardest column, but I think I'll go with Elf. I've definitely watched it more times than both the others combined times 100 thanks to it being one of the de facto best christmas movies that TV stations love to put on loop, but the other two are funnier. 

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