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Here's a Video That Might Make You Laugh Through the Pain of College Football Being Canceled

Man, what I would not give to go back to the good old days of complaining about the SEC rigging its two additional opponents for each team to coincidentally benefit Alabama, Georgia and Florida. That was ... *checks notes* ... ah yes, Friday.

And ever since, the prospects of a college football season have gone all but down the tubes, leading to today's fiasco of conflicting reports and closed-door meetings determining the fate of the 14 Saturdays a year that make life worth living.

But at least as we all wait on the seemingly inevitable announcement from the Big Ten that it has canceled its fall football season, we can watch this spot-on Jerry McGuire meme and attempt to laugh through the tears. I did at least smile a little bit.

For those left who want to have some sort of hope, the SEC, ACC and Big 12 are at least reportedly not fully on board with cancelation yet, but it could only be a matter of time after the Big Ten makes its decision that all the dominoes fall.

Life is pain. Sometimes you just have to laugh to keep from crying.