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Damian Lillard Exposes Skip Bayless And Promptly Stuffs His Ass In A Locker

Here's what that tweet looks like in basketball terms

This is why this period in time is awesome. You want to say something about an athlete on Twitter? Well they have all the time in the world in Orlando to find that tweet and then bury you. I love it and frankly I cannot get enough of it. Dame has been doing a lot of this stuff over the last few days, I thought his response to Pat Beverly trolling him was great as well

The best part is Dame is never disrespectful. He lets his game do the talking. But sometimes you have to get on Twitter and shove Skip Bayless in a locker. To think that Dame isn't one of the best clutch players in the league just because he missed those FTs against the Clippers would be a very stupid thing to do. He has proven it time and time again in both the regular season AND the postseason. Here's a little reminder

Soooooooo yeah, Dame Time is a real thing. I don't know why anyone wouldn't "buy" Dame time. And even though we all know Skip is just trolling like Skip does, it's still great to see an athlete come back and shove it right down his face. That's almost as good as LeBron simply refusing to acknowledge his existence. 

I will say my favorite part is about how he put it out there that Skip did nothing but backpedal after talking to Dame privately. That's the good stuff. You have to know by now that if you run your mouth about Damian Lillard he's going to hear about it and respond. All I know is if the Blazers somehow make the playoffs and win a game or two against the Lakers, you can 1000000% bank on Skip singing a very different tune.