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Neymar Put All Of His Married Teammates On A Completely Different Floor At His Birthday Party So The Single People Could 'Have A Good Time'

[Source] - Instead of keeping everyone together in the same area, the star Brazilian forward split them into two groups across different floors.

The players who were married partied on the top floor, while those were single set up on the bottom floor so that they could 'have a good time'.

Asked what happened at the party, former Manchester United midfielder Herrera simply replied: 'What didn't happen?!'

Herrera said: 'The truth is that when he does something, he does it to have a good time. And he organised it to have a good time. And the truth is that I congratulated him.'

What a move! What a goddamn move! I actually appreciate it. This is how you should handle situations like this, especially if the WAGs are showing up. You want to keep them happy? You put them on a different floor. Don't let them see what the other teammates are getting into because that's just going to lead to an argument. Everyone has been there before. You don't need to be some world class soccer star to know that if you're at a party with a bunch of smokes and you dare look at one too long, your wife/girlfriend will let you know about it. So Neymar does the smart thing and keeps all the smokes on the second floor with the single people. 

Here's the thing with Neymar's party. The dude is always around models of sorts and it's his birthday party. I just assume it was like Vinne Chase's boat party with Amanda Daniels as his agent. You have to go there assuming you're not the hottest person at the party. There are going to be models of all sorts of life walking around. So you can't really be mad if you see someone checking a model out. 

And I know the party happened a few months ago, but the story was all about how PSG just has elaborate birthday parties and shit. Uhh, yeah. They just win Ligue 1 every year, compete in the Champions League and party their ass off. Sounds like a pretty nice life if you ask me. Plus they are all legit stars. You got Neymar, Mbappe, Di Maria, Icardi, Silva, etc. This is exactly how you should act if you're a soccer star on a soccer powerhouse in Paris. 

You can sit here and tell me that married people and single people can get along. That's true. But they live WILDLY different lives. So this just makes sense. Let the married people mingle upstairs and get fucked up together. Let the single people have a good time. Doesn't hurt anyone.