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This Guy From Northwest Indiana Compromised Wrigley Field's Security System To Steal A Daniel Descalso Jersey

CWB - A Valparaiso man broke into Wrigley Field, stole a jersey from the gift store, and then left his roommate’s name and phone number etched on a wall inside the stadium late last month, prosecutors said. Police caught up with him over the weekend, and prosecutors charged him with felony burglary.

Daniel Smith, age 49, allegedly scaled a fence at Wrigley around 2:40 a.m. on July 29 after a security guard refused to let him in. Prosecutors say he made his way to a merchandise store, stole a $299 jersey, and then used a Sharpie marker to leave a message for the team:

“To whom it may concern, your security in this building is laughable. Call me, and I will tell you where your weaknesses are.”

He allegedly signed the message with his roommate’s name and contact information.

First off a lot of people keep asking if this was me so let me start by staying No. I am not Daniel Smith, age 49, and I did not scale the security fence at Wrigley Field for a $299 commemorative jersey. I know. Shocking. Guys like me LOVE the team-issued jersey scene. Get a nice one with the stitched in lettering and maybe some gold in the number to commemorate the 2016 World Series Championship? Now that's a nice fucking jersey. You go to jail for a jersey like that if you're a diehard. 

The thing I'm hung up on is dragging the roommate in the process. Like that guy's probably just at home minding his own business crushing a Hungry Man frozen TV dinner. Probably just a normal guy trying to buy sex and/or do some recreational drugs. Nothing out of the ordinary for the kind of late 40's/early 50's Northwest Indiana guy that splits a duplex with Daniel Smith, age 49. Maybe not too glamorous for most of you but I'll go on record and say that there's absolutely nothing wrong with the fast lane every now and then. And as far as I'm concerned that roommate better be collecting 100% of the security deposit. You can't sandbag him at this point.

On a somewhat serious note though, it's impossible to read this part of the story and not feel awful

Police said Smith admitted to scaling the fence and said, “it was a dream come true.” He also again advised the Cubs to “beef up their security.” He allegedly told cops that he left his roommate’s information to get revenge on the man.

Imagine your dream coming true and it's a class 4 felony charge for burglary. Your dream was the compromise security at an empty baseball field at a time literally NO ONE is trying to go inside that place. That dream fucking blows blows. Get some real dreams for me one time Daniel Smith, age 49.