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Update On The Rumors Of Ohio State, Michigan, Nebraska, and Iowa Playing In The Big 12 This Year

One of the biggest rumors throughout CFB twitter since last night has been select Big Ten teams playing in the Big 12 this year. There were a few Twitter accounts that "reported" that Ohio State, Michigan, Nebraska, and Iowa were going to join the Big 12. In theory, that sounds great. In reality? It's not going to happen:

It would be great if it was just like NCAA 14, where you could just join whatever league you wanted and played the season. However, due to TV contracts, revenue sharing, and other logistics, it's just not going to work.

Could have the conferences done more? Yeah, sure. They could've planned a bit better, I guess. However, college sports are just not build to be played in a pandemic! With professional sports leagues, you can put them in a bubble, or enforce rules on them that their player unions agree upon. There is no such thing as college sports. You can't bubble college football players when you are paying them $0 and not letting them profit off their likeness. The NCAA's sole job is to maintain "amateurism." A bubble does not look like amateurism.