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Charging Documents Say Derrius Guice Choked His Girlfriend Until She Was Unconscious


ICYMI, over the weekend the WFT's penciled-in starting RB, Derrius Guice, surrendered himself to the police on charges of domestic violence, including strangulation. He was swiftly then cut from the team. 

Today, details of the charging document were released, which include:


WaPo - Derrius Guice strangled his girlfriend until she was unconscious in his Ashburn home in March, according to charging documents. When she awoke, Guice, who at the time was a member of Washington’s NFL team, was crying and tapping her.

The woman, who was only described in court documents using initials, told authorities Guice also pushed her and pulled her hair during the encounter, according to the charging documents filed in Loudoun County General District Court Monday.


It's just fucking terrible. Guice's lawyer has denied all charges and says the truth will come out in court, etc. I...I hate doing these types of blogs. It fucking sucks. And I never know what I can type or say. Because what's crazy is Guice allegedly did this. He was always at home playing video games, interacting with fans, and despite always being injured, was extremely endearing. And then you read this and it's like, what the fuck is going on here??? You never expect to read this type of thing, it's sobering and morbid and gross. 

Since his release, Guice cleared waivers and now obviously teams will wait for this all to play out both in court and in the NFL's court of law as well.

And then at the same time, you have his lawyer saying the Washington Football Team were wrong to cut him based on allegations and the truth will come out in court. You see this a lot (unfortunately) in the NFL...but the guys ALWAYS end up on a new team. ALWAYS. Greg fucking Hardy got 10 chances and he's one of the worst humans to ever live. The WFT literally signed Reuben Foster and he will start at LB this season. It's pretty illogical how the NFL does this. We demand (correctly) as fans our team cut the guy immediately, but then don't care when he either signs on somewhere else or our team signs a guy who was previously cut for the exact same reason. In the same month the WFT signed Foster but didn't put in a waiver claim for Kareem Hunt. 

The NFL can be such a cess pool. This Guice thing seems terrible so far. Blech. Hate this shit.