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Bob McKenzie Is "Semi-retiring" After Tonight's NHL Draft Lottery, That's A MAJOR Loss For Hockey

So if you read his statement, Uncle Bob isn't going away completely. As he said, it is a "move into the slow lane". Either way, less of Bob McKenzie in hockey media isn't a good thing. It is very rare that I actually care about media personalities or reporters, but Bob is the GOAT. People always ask me "who is the Adam Schefter of hockey?". And I answer Bob McKenzie. Nothing against Schefty, but McKenzie is truly on a different level. Imagine Schefter doing his job for 40+ years and EVERYONE universally loving and respecting him. A guy who seems like he is a kind soul, who loves and appreciates his job and is the absolute best at it without an ounce of pretentiousness. That's something everyone should aspire to be like. 

So congrats to Bobby Margs on finding some work-life balance here as his 64th birthday approaches. He is the greatest. An international treasure. The most trusted and beloved man in all of media. A Hall Of Famer in the truest sense.