Steve-O Gives Pardon My Take Insight on How the “Fart Mask” Stunt Came Together

To start off another week on Pardon My Take, Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter welcomed on comedian Steve-O. He discussed his new special coming out, Jackass, his favorite stunt, and the art of puking. Mr. Cat also wanted to get some more info on one of his favorite stunts from the movie series, which includes farting, pooping, and a mask. Here are the details:

Mr. Cat: I want to know how one of my favorite, it's not like one of your most remarkable stunts, but every time I watch it, I die laughing.

Steve-O: Wasabi Snooters?

Mr. Cat: Nope, nope. You want to guess? It's not a pain stunt.

Steve-O: I don't know, the goldfish?

Mr. Cat: Nope, it's the fart mask. When Preston pooped into the beer bong. He was trying to fart so bad and you started puking in the mask.

Steve-O: You guys are really committing to this one, man. We are so alienating anyone who's unfamiliar with Jackass.

Mr. Cat: I don't care! I was looking through my tweets before this and I found a tweet from three years ago and I remember I was high with all my friends, and it just says, "I watched Jackass 2 last night and I miss those guys so much." So, I'll keep doing that every year where I'll just watch Jackass and be like, "Fuck! I love these guys."

Steve-O: Yeah, I'm so thrilled I got the whole Jackass gang together for this "Gnarly" thing. I don't know if you guys saw the trailer, but the whole gang duct-taped me to the side of a billboard truck and drive the fucking thing down the highway with me duct-taped to the side of it, and that's how I get to the theater in the opening sequence of this multimedia comedy special. 

I mean, what a scene. Probably one of the most disgusting stunts out there, yet it's impossible to take your eyes off it. Below are some of the Jackass crew's best stunts if you're in the mood for a YouTube rabbit hole...