For the First Time Since Childhood, I Have Found A Toy I Must Have

A sure sign of growing up is when you stop wanting things and just start wanting money.

Mom: "What would you like for Christmas?"
Me: "Umm I'd take some money"
Mom: "I'm not just gonna leave you money under the Christmas tree."
Me: "Fine then wrap up some pairs of socks for me and maybe put money in one of the socks."

But yesterday, while I was out on a friend's boat, I was once again filled with the materialistic childhood magic of "wanting a toy", when I witnessed this:

If you're curious, they're called "sea scooters" or "water skateboards"

The folks using the sea scooter had ridiculously expensive boats

so I assumed that sea scooters would also be ridiculously expensive. Surprisingly though, some of them are fairly reasonably priced


Even the most expensive ones are still below a grand:

So what do you guys think? Is this something that looks more fun that it actually would be? Or would it be a sound investment that would allow me to be the most agile hippo-moder in the 7 seas (for 30-75 minutes). Sound off in the comments if any of you have personal experience with one of them.

P.S. To all the hot chicks in my DMs, you now know a surefire way to get in my pants.