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Apparently The NBA Teams Staying At The 'Yacht Club' Are All Ready To Fight Each Other At The Hotel And 'Stares Are Getting Colder'

Oh hell yes, finally, this is what I've been begging for. The teams at the Yacht Club are the 6 teams not in the playoffs - so the Wizards, Kings, Pelicans, Blazers, Spurs and Suns. They clearly have the most to play for right now in terms of making the playoffs vs a couple seeding games, but I've wanted to hear on things turning at the hotel. Remember we had the report on how the Rockets helped the Nets beat the Bucks: 

But the fact is these dudes are still competitive professional athletes who want to win a title. That's not exactly a shock. So naturally these dudes are going to get pissed in the wrong situation (h/t NY Times).

“Every day you see guys battling for the same spot as you,” Kent Bazemore of the Sacramento Kings said. “It’s cool, but when you play that same night, it’s kind of an awkward interaction.”

“It’s different,” Williams said, “when you have all these teams in one hotel and you pretty much know only one or two of us can make it.” 

It was only a matter of time before we heard there was anxiousness around the hotels. I don't think we'll ever get a fight,  but man am I cheering for one. I want to hear nothing more that there was a scrap by the pool or the ice machine. Give me a full on brouhaha like the scene in Anchorman: 

We have just a few games left and these dudes have been at the resorts for quite some time now. You're around anyone that long you're going to start getting pissed off easier and quicker. That's what's happening here and I need this to keep going on. I said from the getgo the actual bubble is going to be way more entertaining than the original games and the games have been damn good. 

Give me the Blazers in a fight though. Nurkic would fuck so many people up.