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Lonzo Ball Is Ready To Shine Up His ZO2 Sneaker Real Nice, Turn It Sideways And Stick It Right Up Bleacher Report's Ass (On Twitter Of Course)

I'm actually a Lonzo Ball fan. I think he gets a raw deal because of LaVar and all the outrageous claims he's made. It also helps that De'Aaron Fox just completely embarrassed Lonzo Ball during a Sweet 16 game and I'll always ride or die for Fox. But Ball is actually a good player. I know people don't want to say that, but he turned into one of the better passers, he's not nearly as bad of a defender as a lot of people projected and he found his comfort zone in New Orleans. He even shot 37% from three this year. 

Now, that said, yeah he had a rough go in the bubble. Shit happens in a small sample size. But fucking Bleacher Report out here putting his stats up like he's the reason the Pelicans aren't going to the playoffs is something. I have ZERO problem with Lonzo tweeting this out - especially because fuck Bleacher Report. I'm more shocked there wasn't some emojis or a weird graphic to go along with it. Remember when they put this graphic out? Still an all-timer: 

How pissed do you think the NBA is right now? The plan for 22 teams was to get Zion into the 8th seed or at least the 9 seed for the play-in game. Instead they are going to hopefully get the Blazers vs Grizzlies, which is still awesome. But people want to see Zion. As ridiculous as Dame is, Zion gets the ratings. 

This is where I need LaVar to come back though. This would be a prime LaVar quote with Bleacher Report tweeting this out. He wouldn't hold back. He would have some ridiculous line. That's what I miss and what we need in these times. Yes, he's wrong 99 out of 100 times. But his quotes hit 100 out of 100 times.