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Ndamukong Suh Just "Lost" To Warren Buffett In An Arm Wrestling Match And I Want To Puke On Both Of Them For Being Cowards




I have a question, do either of these guys have an ounce of pride? What the fuck was that? I don’t care if it’s your dad, a little kid, or Warren Buffet, if someone challenges you to an arm wrestling competition you go for it. And make no mistake, Warren Buffett is probably the most to blame here. The fact that he was ok with Suh playing make believe says a lot about Warren as a man. No competitive edge, no drive. You show me a person who willingly lets someone not try at arm wrestling and I’ll show you an unsuccessful person who is nothing but a failure in life. If I were to give out one piece of advice here it would be that this Buffett guy is bad bad news, can’t trust him with anything, unless of course you want to be a poor loser for the rest of your life.





“Hey Suh you feel like you left it all out there on the arm wrestling table?”


“For Sure”