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Get A Load Of This Dweeb Dodgers Fan Who Films Himself Catching A Homerun Ball


Forget about another grown man bringing his mitt to the park. Who the hell A) Still owns a Video Camcorder and B) Uses it unironically at a Major League Baseball game? It’s 2015, pal. I don’t care if my dick Droid records video as well as a toaster, I’ll cell phone that shit to the grave. And of course all the Dodgers fans cheer him catching a ball over hating the Diamondbacks hitting a go-ahead home run. They’re lucky it happened in the 4th inning so they could see the action. Tough life having to get there by the 3rd then leaving to beat the traffic before the 7th inning stretch.

Sidenote: Forget Scott Van-Slyke – His pops, Andy, along with Barry Bonds and Bobby Bonilla were arguably one of the greatest OF’s ever. Those Pirates teams not taking home a title took more years off Jim Leyland’s life than any one of the trillions of cig’s he puffed in the dugout. Dude was a certified boss.