The Mike Tyson Vs. Roy Jones Jr. Fight Has Reportedly Already Been Postponed To November 28th

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Ring- The Mike Tyson-Roy Jones Jr. exhibition has been postponed. According to sources speaking exclusively to The Ring on Sunday afternoon, the highly-anticipated eight-round event has been moved to November 28th.

The bout is still expected to take place at a crowdless Dignity Health Park in Carson, California. The fight will be broadcast on pay-per-view as well as multimedia platform Triller, which is currently producing a 10-part docu-series. Sources say that the fight was moved because Tyson’s team felt they could maximize revenue by rescheduling. A meeting was held between both sides recently, and Jones approved of the switch.

Honestly when I first saw this news, I figured that the fight was delayed because one of the two 50+ year-old boxers in the match injured themselves in training. However it looks like the delay is a money issue, which would pretty much align up with everything we know about boxing. To be honest, I am more than fine with the fight being moved from September 12th to November 28th since we currently will be smack dab in the middle of a sports orgy in mid-September with the NBA and NHL deep in the playoffs, baseball teams in a mad dash for a zillion playoff spots, and the NFL kicking off. However, God knows what the sports landscape will look like come late November and a matchup between two former great champions may be exactly what we need to pass the time with whatever coronalife we are living then. I don't think any of us are expecting anything NEAR prime Tyson or Jones. But just having something we can all watch together and talk about online as the weather gets shitty outside is better than nothing, which may be the alternative.

So here's to both camp bleeding every dollar they can out of sponsors and the paying public along with whatever chicanery takes place during the fight to ensure the exact result they want, because this is boxing after all, and both fighters staying healthy/alive until the Saturday after Thanksgiving because something tells me we are going to need the content, whether it's good, bad, or comically bad.

Now you wanna watch some videos of these legends beating the shit out of their opponents to tide us over? Good, me too!