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Nobody Wants To Play College Football As Much As Trevor Lawrence Does

Trevor Lawrence didn’t even need to play last year. He could’ve sat out until the 2021 draft and still been a top pick. That’s how good he is. 

However, in a time where it feels like the whole college football world is falling, nobody wants to play more than Trevor Lawrence. That’s not an indictment on the guys who declared they weren’t going to play this year, but more so shows why so much of us love Trevor Lawrence. 

I thought this was a refreshing thread:

I have no idea what the right decision is in this situation. However, the things Trevor is talking about should be considered. It shows he cares about his whole team and not just himself. He knows a lot of guys getting sent back home will not be good for them. That’s just the reality of a lot of football locker rooms across the nation. Does that mean we shouldn’t cancel? No, it’s just something to consider and I appreciate Trevor bringing it up.