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Collin Morikawa Wins The 2020 PGA Championship By Hitting One Of The Greatest Drives Of All Time

Let's get a couple things outta the way up top. First, what an INCREDIBLE PGA Championship Sunday. How fun was that? I'll answer that. It was TONS of fun. At one point or another it seemed like every single player left in the field was in contention. There were soooooooooooooo many logjams at the top of the leaderboard. At one point late in the day there were seven golfers tied for the lead and it looked like they were all gonna end up in a playoff. Obviously it was a little different because there weren't any fans this week but we can only hope the rest of the majors this season are half as fun as today's PGA Championship. Harding Park is one hell of a venue.

Now to the important stuff: Collin Morikawa just won his first major championship at the age of 23 (!!!!!!!!!!!!). Holy moly what a stud this kid is. He had already notched one victory this season by beating Justin Thomas in a playoff at Muirfield Village and now he's got a second win this season, the PGA Championship.

Check this out 

Pretty good.

Now to the REALLY important stuff: Morikawa's drive on 16. For context, Morikawa and Paul Casey were co-leaders at -11 at the time and then there were 2,000 people at -10. The pressure was on everyone and it was anybody's major to win at that point.

And then this happened 


Seriously. That takes humongous balls. That's one of those shots we'll be talking about for the rest if our lives and I'm not even kidding. That is the defining shot of the 2020 PGA Championship and the defining shot of Collin Morikawa's career (so far). The drive went 294 yards and ended up 7 feet from the hole. My brain can't even wrap itself around what an amazing shot that is but I know I'll be talking about it for the next 30 years.

He had a very similar drive at the Workday Charity Open a couple months

However the big difference between those two drives is one took place down the stretch at the Workday Charity Open and the other one took place down the stretch at the PGA CHAMPIONSHIP. A small detail but an important one.

Then Morikawa of course made his eagle because the universe won't allow you to miss the putt after a shot like that 

None of that would've been possible without Morikawa's chip-in on 14

That was when we all collectively said to ourselves, "Oh shit. Morikawa might win this thing!" And then he did. He won it in spectacular fashion and became a major winner at the age of 23. Collin Morikawa was already a star in the making but now he's just a star and will be for a very very very very very very long time.

Congratulations to Collin Morikawa and here's to many many more.

PS- Morikawa has two wins, including a major championship, since being a guest on Fore Play. Something to think about for al the professional golfers out there.