Kevin Durant Got Pissed At Some Random Person Talking Shit On Twitter, So He Followed Their Girlfriend And Liked Every Picture Of Her

I know Kevin Durant is going to catch a lot of shit for this and being same old soft KD. But I love it. This is an absolutely hilarious move just because it's so petty. Going to follow the person's girlfriend and then like every picture of her while you're one of the best basketball players in the world is such a crazy person move. It's not normal to do this, but it's not going to stop me from laughing. 

It all started with this: 

First off, I hate the person on Twitter that tags everyone saying 'you have to listen to this.' No dude, I don't. If it's good, it'll get around to me. Also no one gives a shit what you actually have to say. Well, except KD. I said it before but I respect him so much more for talking shit from his own account instead of a burner now. 

There are a bunch of string of tweets, but here are the ones I found that escalated everything: 

I say fair is fair. If you want to talk shit about someone, they have the right to retaliate as they see fit. For KD it's following your girlfriend and liking every picture of her until she blocks you. Respect the weirdness of the move. I love how bored KD is right now though. The dude can't play hoops so he's just sitting around on Twitter getting into shit with people.