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Would Johnny Cueto Be In The Right For Beating Up Hunter Pence After Costing Him A No Hitter?

Knee jerk reaction: yes, beat him hard and long for potentially costing you a no-hitter. Is a no-hitter the biggest deal in the world? No. It's a nice feather in the cap, you grab the headlines for a day, but it's not the most rare accomplishment in baseball. Besides, Cueto didn't nab a spot on the Second Team All Cool Team by caring about a no-no in a season that isn't even real. But for starters it's way too early in the game to even have the no hitter watch on the score bug like that. You get into the seventh for that third time through the order now you're cooking with gas. The middle of the order second time through? Feels a bit early. But if there's anyone who deserves a thorough beating it's the people in charge of scoring plays like this. How is this not an error? I'd argue it's hard to make a larger error than completely losing the ball and having it drop 15-feet behind you after you froze like you made eye contact with Medusa. Oh you lost it in the lights? As if this is the only ballpark with LIGHTS? That's an error. The Eloy Jimenez shitshow in left field the other night was also an error. It's high time we corner these nerds in a narrow hallway and give 'em the what for after years of scoring hits and errors wildly inconsistently and inaccurately. So Johnny grab us two horses and let's make our way to Rob Manfred's cabinet to dole out heavy sack beatings the likes this town has never seen.