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Can Floyd Mayweather Be Considered An All Time Legend If He's Never Had A Memorable Fight?





I’m on the record as saying I love boxing. I’ll pretty much watch any fight any time anywhere. Having said that the Mayweather fight obviously sucked. Evverybody knows it sucked. And I’m not just saying that because Paul LoDuca invited me to a bar to watch it and we literally had to stare through a gigantic fish bowl to see the TV. Even if the fish weren’t in the way it was horrible. Boxing purists who are claiming that people just don’t appreciate Floyd’s greatness and that it was a dazzling performance are full of shit. It’s not a fight when neither guy is ever in danger. When there isn’t 1 punch that lands with bad intentions. It’s the element of danger that makes boxing so great. Guys getting knocked down and getting back up. Hagler Hearns. Gotti Ward. Bowe Holyfield etc. This fight had none of that. It was awful and boring just like pretty much every single Floyd Mayweather fight in his career has been. Yet he will go down as one of the greatest fighters of all time and this is where my brain gets pretzeled. Does a guy who never has been in a war and refuses to mix it up deserve to go down as a legendary fighter?

For me the answer is no.  Obviously his record speaks for itself. His talent is undeniable. There may be no lightweight boxer in history who could beat him. But the way he fights is just so gross. If everybody fought like him boxing wouldn’t exist. I mean I’m three quarters Mexican when it comes to boxing. I need guys who want to go to war. Who want to stand in the ring and find out who the bigger man is. I just can’t respect a guy who won’t mix it up at all. I understand it’s hard to criticize a guy for being a smart boring boxer. After all it’s made him one of the richest athletes in the world and he’s never lost, but I honestly can’t name 1 memorable fight of his. Again clearly he’s great but can you be legendary when you don’t have any legendary fights or pinnacle moments in your career? I’ve seen almost every fight of his and can’t remember anything from them.  His greatness is utterly forgettable.

PS – Despite everything I said there I don’t consider myself a sucker for watching this fight. If I was home I would have bought it no questions asked. Why? Because it was a spectacle and you just never know with boxing. I mean the odds were that the fight would suck just like the last 50 Floyd Mayweather fights have sucked. But you don’t’ want to be the guy who didn’t buy it the time he decided to mix it up. It may never happen, but you just can’t take that chance.

Double PS – Boxing needs to place more emphasis on coming forward and ring control.  Reward fighters for coming forward and penalize them for retreating.   I’d love to see Floyd have to be offensive.  I’m sure he’d still be great and actually worth the 100 bucks for pay per view.