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Bryson DeChambeau Just Buried A 95-Foot Putt At The PGA Championship

Okay listen. Bryson has been getting shit on basically by everyone non-stop since the PGA Championship started. Sooooooooo many people are taking shots at him from Brooks Koepka to Lexi Thompson's caddie to everybody on Twitter so I felt like I needed to blog something nice about him to balance it out. That was an incredible putt. 95 feet! They just said on the broadcast that it's the longest putt of his career. Well done, Bryson. Keep your head up and keep crunching those numbers. And despite taking allllllllllllll that shit over the last couple of days he's still currently -6 for the tournament and two shots off the lead. You know what would go a very long way in shutting up the critics (myself included)? Bryson shoving his first major down everyone's throats. We'll see if that happens.