Phil Mickelson Cannot Stop Talking About His Coffee

Laugh out loud funny. Phil can't stop won't stop talking about his coffee to anyone who will listen. That's Lefty telling ESPN's Michael Collins about MCT oil and how cinnamon is an anti-inflammatory on a fairway at the PGA Championship. Phil is now the go-to guy for healthy coffee. I wouldn't be shocked if Phil goes heavy into the coffee business when his golf career is over, or maybe even while his golf career is still ongoing. Phil now considers himself a healthy coffee expert and will talk to anyone anywhere about how it's changed his life for the better. And you know what? I get it. I totally get it. Everyone does this when they discover something new that kinda sorta works for them and I'm no different. For example I'll learn one thing from a Joe Rogan podcast and then pretend I'm an expert on the subject for the next couple of months. It happens. While we're here, try and get in a sauna on a daily basis if you can. The heat shock proteins you activate are crazy good for you.