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Draymond Green Was Begging And Pleading For Devin Booker To Leave The Suns While On TV Last Night ... I Know Just The Place

Listen, it doesn't make sense for Draymond to tamper with Devin Booker to the Warriors. Where's he gonna play with Klay and Steph in the backcourt? He doesn't necessarily fit there, so the real story is I know exactly where Devin Booker can come play. Remember this? 

A 23-year old that can be a star? SIGN ME THE FUCK UP. That's what Draymond Green really means. He's scared of the Suns. He wants Devin Booker out of Phoenix to save the Warriors. It only makes sense for this to happen and not for Booker to end up anywhere else. 

It's also hilarious for Draymond to say this as the Suns are hot in the bubble. Devin Booker is hitting game-winners in Paul George's eye. The Suns actually have some youth there to build with, but unless the Suns go back to wearing the 90s Dan Majerle-era jerseys, they can't win. 

Draymond had a hell of a day on Inside the NBA yesterday. He let everyone know Brad Wanamaker's head is too big for his body: 

He had to listen to Chuck continue to say the Blazers are going to make the NBA Finals: 

He went in on Joel Embiid ever attempting to shoot a jumper: 

If Kenny Panye - Kentucky's assistant - goes to the Knicks like reported, we're going to see photoshops by Clem. I'm so ready. Leon Rose, Worldwide Wes, Kenny Payne, Booker, RJ, Kevin Knox and Mitch. Time to get my heart ripped out!