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Weekend Wake Up: Tim Tebow Throwing A Touchdown Pass On MTV's "Two-A-Days"

#1 it's legit impossible to find any good clip from this amazing show on YouTube. WTF is up with that? Back in 2006 Hoover High and their football team was the shit. Maybe the best show MTV has ever put out. High school football in Alabama? What could be better. So what it turned out the coach was an absolute piece of shit and had another wife in a town over? It was basically Hard Knocks but for high school kids. You saw the relationships, kids fighting to get scholarships, deciding on where to go to school, it was the best. Even got this cameo from Tim Tebow throwing a TD pass. And we had the theme song by Angels And Airwaves? It was so damn good. I may end up on Amazon tonight and go get Season 1, don't tempt me with a good time.