Model Spends Almost $50,000 To Make Herself Look Like A Blow Up Sex Doll

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Mirror- A glamour model has spent a staggering £30,000 on cosmetic surgery to look like a blow-up sex doll. Latvian Victoria Wild underwent an array of procedures such as three boob jobs, which enlarged her breasts to a whopping 32G, permanent lip implants and botox to transform herself to resemble an inflatable love toy. And the 30-year-old, who lives in Cannes, France, admits she loves the attention she receives. “Who wouldn’t want to be treated like a bimbo doll?” she said. “It’s such a sexy look. “People stare at me in the street and I love the way I stand out.” She added that modelling and her sugar daddy boyfriend funded her new look. Victoria’s epic transformation began in 2011 when she spent £25,000 on three boob jobs in Hungary.


Is this the part where I’m supposed to say she looked better in her “Before” picture than she does in her “After” picture?  Because that would be a lie.  A big fat lie.  Quite possibly the biggest lie a person can tell.  She looks a million times better after she committed herself (and $50,000 of he Sugar Daddy’s money) to looking more like a blow up sex doll.  Fact.  Is that the way the world should work?  Fuck if I know.  What I do know is my dick likes the looks of her after all of the surgeries.  Sure, her face is a little wonky but since she was going for the look of a blow up sex doll, I’d say she pretty much nailed it.  And also, hate to say it, but she’s going to have a better life now that she looks like that.  Another one of those hard facts of life.  She now has huge boobs and an awesome body.  You know what people love out there in the real world?  Huge boobs and an awesome body.  She’ll get hit on all the time, guys will buy her drinks, she’ll get into exclusive clubs, etc.  All of the things most girls love.  It’s not totally fair because that motivates girls to do the same thing but the fact of the matter is that she’s better off looking like a plastic doll that dude’s want to stick their dick than she is looking like a normal chick.  I don’t make the rules I just know what they are.