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Tiger's Putter Sucked Today

That's it. That's my takeaway. The putter just flat out sucked today. He missed the following putts: 

8 feet (1st)

12 feet (3rd)

9 feet (4th)

11 feet (5th)

15 feet (7th)

16 feet (9th)

7 feet (13th)

31 putts (by my count)

He obviously missed others but they were from way downtown. These are all pretty makable, especially the ones 12 feet and in. Tiger usually buries his fair share of those, builds momentum, and plays himself into these big tournaments.

Today he did not do that. He did the opposite of that. It was deflating. I was out there and you could feel more and more air sucked right out of the place each time he missed. The putter just sucked today (it is, reminder, a new putter).


Now the big question is -- will Tiger go back to the Elder Wand tomorrow? Will he go back to the Scotty that's won him 14 majors? Will he go back to the old faithful which he's relied on to destroy country club dorks across 3 decades?

Is he out of it? Absolutely not. Things always tighten up on the weekend, and conditions (dare I say it) always get really tough out there. He'll have to play out of his mind but he is the best to ever do it sooooo...