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Tom Brady's #BrosWeekend Rages On

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First of all, love how Brady still hasn’t revealed his outfit. Keeping that shit secret until the red carpet. He probably has people walking around him holding up curtains at all times, just so GenPop can’t get a glimpse of his wardrobe until it’s showtime. Second of all, you know how every big weekend has that guy who’s up at 6 AM yelling for everyone else to get going? That’s 100% Tom in this crew. He’s a competitor. Never quits. Whatever he’s doing, even drinking, he’s giving it 110%. I picture him running around the house waking everyone up like he runs onto the field at the Super Bowl.




Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 1.15.33 PM




PS – Gronk suit shopping.


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Also, Amendola killing it again. Really showing me something this weekend.