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Tonight's Mets Starting Lineup Is Brought To You By...Send In The Clowns! No, Really.

I swear to God, only the New York Metropolitans Baseball Club could finally put together the lineup their fans have been begging for over the last week yet still fuck it up. Dom at first, Pete DH'ing, the Andres & Amed Show up the middle, and the closest thing to our best combination of hitting and fielding this jigsaw puzzle of a team can present. Then the Mets official network says to send in the fucking clowns and all that goodwill is lost (unless it's a lineup of all the players Brodie has brought in who have instantly fallen on their faces). 

I get that you have to shout out a company when they sponsor your company. Sometimes you have sponsors with great names, like we do one We Gotta Believe with Coors Light and Servpro. But sometimes those names make things tough, like saying to send in the clowns with your starting 9, which is going to end with the same reaction as having Keith Hernandez say the name Hiscox on live television every time.

God I love Keith Hernandez for having fun despite all this and God I hate the Wilpons for running this team like a clownshow forever. Can't wait until Uncle Stevie comes in to clean this mess up and if this video is any indication, he's coming soon which means so am I.

h/t #MetsTwitter All-Star Meek Phil