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One Little Stat That Should Make Edmonton VERY Nervous For Tonight

We are less than an hour to puck drop. The Oilers are on the ropes. Elimination game. A situation that McDavid, Draisaitl, and the rest of the Oilers have ever really faced. That is NOT the case for the Toews and Kane. We've seen those two in that situation for a decade. And you know what those two guys have always done in these big games? They throttle down. They get better. They step on your fucking throat. 

Those two have been in a series clinching game 21 times

Kane: 14 goals, 15 assists = 29 points

Toews: 11 goals, 16 assists = 27 points

They are GANGSTERS. They know what to do. You want to talk about keys to the game well the key is to strap the rest of the team to their backs and they plow the Oilers into submission. 

We are still waiting for the Crawford game and I've got a feeling that it is coming today.