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A Rangers Win Would Be The Perfect Appetizer For A Big Time Sports Day

Kentucky Derby. Spurs/Clips Game 7. Mayweather vs Pacquiao. If you really need to include Rounds 4-7 of the NFL Draft, go right ahead. It’s a beautiful spring day chock full of mega sporting events, and there’s no better way to kick it off than the Blueshirts evening up the series with the Caps as a matinee appetizer.
Game 1 was rough. It certainly wasn’t the cleanest game the Rangers played yet the Capitals only won on a fortunate opportunity right before the horn they put away. Good for them. AV’s squad has been great at answering a loss though. They’ve dropped consecutive games just twice since February & both were back-to-backs. The only game Hank played of those 4 was his first rusty game back from injury. Don’t be surprised if he keeps Ovechkin & Co. off the scoreboard completely – but the Rangers can’t rely on that.
As Ovechkin goes, so do the Caps. He inspired his team Thursday night with spirited play. He was all his teammates could talk about. The Blueshirts defense needs to do a better job at slowing him down. More importantly though, they simply have to score. It’s easy to ignore when you’re winning, but playing to a 2-1 finish every single night is a risky strategy. Nash and Marty have to generate some offense instead of waiting on bottom-sixers like Fast, Hags or Hayes to get the job done. Their goals are supposed to be a bonus, not all you’ve got. Shoot the puck, crash the net, hammer it home. Rinse & repeat. Any win works, but today’s the perfect time for a decisive one so I can booze the rest of the day away as a happy drunk instead of blacking out & becoming the under card at a Mayweather/Pacquiao party tonight. VIVA LA BLUESHIRTS!!!