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This Stellar Bill Burr Scene from 'The King of Staten Island' Takes Us Into the Weekend

Holy smokes. "The King of Staten Island" is pretty good. But how could anyone think it's so good that they could leave this scene on the editing room floor? Maybe it's just because Pete Davidson keeps breaking. As he should. Because he had to realize in that moment he is nowhere on Bill Burr's level. When it comes to playing your stereotypical loud, angry Masshole with zero filter, no one is. It says a lot about how good he is in this clip that I forgot Marisa Tomei is even in the scene. And I never forget her. It's a goddamned shame that awards always completely ignore comedy, which is infinitely harder to pull off than drama. If there was any justice, Burr would win a Nobel Prize in acting for this. 

Have a great weekend. If we're still capable of those.