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Twin Brothers Reacting To Hearing "In The Air Tonight" For The First Time Is Goddamn Delight

Me, for the entirety of the first few minutes of the video: Just wait for the drums. Just wait for the drums. If they like this part their heads are going to explode when they hear these goddamn drums.

Them, the second the drums go off: 

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There are few things better than putting someone on to a song or musician they had never heard of. It's a form of intimacy that doesn't get enough recognition. There's a reason that the second the internet became widely accessible with enough bandwidth to go around one of the first major communities was Napster. That feeling you get when someone else enjoys the same music as you is as pure of a connection as you can make regardless of gender, race or creed. So being able to witness these two brothers experience classics for the first time for public consumption is a tremendous way to visualize that very experience. 

As for Phil Collins, what a huge win for the boy. Never mind the decades of spins this record has racked up. The millions of hype videos made for every sporting event to take place the last 20 years. This was massive for him. That next generation is always going to decide what stays and goes and if these two smashed it with a thumbs down who knows what could have happened. Instead, Philly C proves yet against that "In The Air Tonight" may well just stand the test of time as it advances on to the next generation.