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Rick Ross Drinking His Own Champagne And Getting A Massage While Rapping His Verse To "Devil In A New Dress" Is The Textbook Definition Of Luxury

If I remember the rollout to "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" correctly, the original version of "Devil In A New Dress" was a Kanye-only version released during G.O.O.D Fridays. Then Ross' verse was added and this song went from "holy shit what a perfect instrumental" to "oh my God music as we know it has been perfected." And I mean that shit. This instrumental, Kanye when he was alive and Ross all played their parts flawlessly throughout this entire track. Hell, there isn't a single word spoken from the 2:39 mark until Ross starts his verse at 4:02 because Mike Dean had to let that guitar sing to you for a minute. But I'm not here to break down a decade old song that everyone in the world knows and loves. Just the moment Ross had during his Verzuz performance last night.

Ross' music has always been that of a retired mafia don living in a mansion constructed entirely of marble and gold furnishings on an island most people have never heard of. That's the essence which bleeds through just about every single classic beat he's ever selected. It's lavish, boisterously luxurious and boy did he play the goddamn part to perfection last night. Shirt off, tits out for the boys, chains lain ever so delicately on his chest, getting a massage from a respectable young woman, money strewn about the floor after 2Chainz made it rain on some essential workers earlier in the evening, drinking his own champagne which he sells nationwide, and rapping along to his best verse in front of dozens of his close personal friends in the building and millions watching at home. Luxurious aint even the word. The Biggest Boss lived up to his name and it was a beautiful moment. Now go listen to the song again and go do something great.