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The Derby Pick Is In – Firing Line


Ok let me start this blog by saying this. I own horses and you don’t so just shut up and listen. Here is the thing about this race. I think American Pharaoh is a freak. He deserves to be the favorite. He may be the best horse of the past decade. He hasn’t just won all his races but he’s won for fun and he’s never been asked to show what he can do yet. He’s an absolute monster. BUT if you want to bet a horse at 5-2 from the 18 hole in a 20 horse field be my guest. That’s pure lunacy in my opinion. You can be the best horse by a mile and still not even hit the board. That’s how difficult it is to win the Derby.

So who am I going with? Firing Line. If you like Dortmund at 9-2 you have to love Firing Line at 10-1. Firing Line has lost twice by a nose to Dortmund. Yeah I know Firing Line looked like he put away Dortmund only to have him come back on the rail which is as impressive a move as you can make, but I talked to my good friend Gary (Stevens) about this race.




Gary said this was his fault. He said he crowded Dortmund and woke him up. But here is what else my friend Gary said. He said he’s never bet on any of his Derby mounts before (3 wins already) but he is betting on Firing Line. He loves him. He loves his odds. His mother was a mudder. I’m talking he LOVED his chances. Couldn’t shut up about him for 20 minutes. He said the only horse who can beat him is American Pharaoh and that’s it. He said “don’t worry about Dortmund. Dortmund will take me where I need to go” You could see the confidence oozing out of every pore of his body. I almost broke my leg running to the window. I already liked Firing Line before I had my fireside chat with Gary Stevens, but now I love him. Don’t take my word for it. Take one of the greatest jockeys of our generation’s word for it.

Did the Pres do it again or did the Pres do it again?

The Pick – Firing Line

My 2nd Pick – Materiality