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Longtime Toolies: Smoking Grass On My New Whip

Talking the lawn folks, not marijuana. We take THC gummies now from with promo code "Zero" for 5% off because smoking is bad for you.


That's right. I'm a lawn guy now. As you saw in the video I have been a militant anti-lawn guy for years. I just hated it. I fucking hated it. I sold every piece of lawn equipment I had for $20 to some old guy back in like 2013 because my weed-whacker wouldn't start one day. Now I'm back in the lawn game.

Many people are saying I look like a sexy version of Hank Hill. I tend to agree. But that isn't all I got, I also bought a leaf-blower and new weed-whacker. I mowed my back yard the other day and didn't even break a sweat. That's livin, folks. I'm even thinking about having all my grass yanked out and replaced with gorgeous Saint Augustine sod. Time to stunt on all the haters (neighbors).

Who knows what I'll do next, but you can watch it at Longtime Toolies on Twitter, Instagram, and even Pinterest! We also have a lovely shirt you can buy.