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Close Your Eyes And Imagine A 13 Year Old Darren Rovell


Perfect. Absolutely perfect. The braces. The baseball tie. The pudgy face. Everything. Not even making fun of Rovell here, because everyone looked like shit when they were 13. A non-awkward 13 year old does not exist. But this is just so perfect. Rovell 101. Exactly how I imagined him as a 13 year old.


And I don’t know how I never made this connection before but Rovell was 100% the kid in middle school that would wear a suit to class. Every school in America had that one kid. Model UN, suit. Collage presentation, suit. Book Report, suit. Probably even brought his dad’s briefcase in on those special days when he wore his gameday suit.


Squid city, population – 13 year old Darren Rovell.


Bagwell dresses like a real dickhead