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Yankees Fans Should Truly Feel Embarrassed for How Soft Jordan Montgomery and Aaron Boone Were Last Night

First of all, Philly has the greatest fans in sports. The Phandemics are the best thing to happen to the Phillies this season. No home field advantage? Nah, fuck that. We're gonna show up to the gate outside of every game and make the opposing team cry, and boy we're the Yankees crying.

I mean what the hell is baseball turning into? Golf? Just because there's a pandemic going around, you aren't allowed to be heckled? Jordan Montgomery is a certified pussy. Are you serious man? Oh, I'm sorry, were the ANNOUNCERS being rude while you were pitching? What the fuck does that even mean? Dude if you cant take a chirp from the media box, you are not gonna make it in this game. Imagine Montgomery having to pitch in a sold out Blue Bell Park against Texas A&M. As someone who has played in that atmosphere (humble brag) I can say that he wouldn't last two seconds. My man would surely get to ball 12.**

No wonder JT was dominating your sorry ass all over this field. #SIGNJT

Honestly, the Phandemics may truly save this season for the Phillies. I can not believe that we just split with the Yankees this week. Home field advantage is back baby, and as long as we throw Hector Neris and Jose Alvarez out of the pen every single game we may be able to make some noise. Go Phils and fuck the Yanks.

**After a quick fact check, I have found that Jordan Montgomery did pitch in the SEC in college and probably saw some shit. He played against A&M once, but the series was at home so whatever the point still stands.