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Advanced Analytics: Wes McCauley Leads All NHL Referees In Whistles Per 60

I counted 12 whistles just in that video alone. There are some refs who don't even blow their whistle 12 times in an entire game, yet here's Wes McCauley breaking out a 12-piece in a single stoppage of play. 

And that right there is what separates Wes McCauley from every other ref in the game. The man is just a stat hound. You know how Wayne Gretzky could have never scored a goal in his career and he'd still be the all-time career points leader in the NHL? That's Wes McCauley to refs. You take away every penalty Wes McCauley has ever called and he's still the all-time stat leader. He's just built different. 

Also, I love how the Leafs have their top line on the ice and Wes is just out there treating everybody like they're a bunch of little kids at hockey camp and he's one of the instructors who isn't getting paid nearly enough to babysit these little shit heads all day. Surprised he didn't hand Mitch Marner a Capri Sun and an Uncrustables on his way off the ice. 

And oh yeah...

The Leafs blowing 3-goal playoff leads in Toronto? Nature is healing.