LeBron Says The Lakers Are Struggling In Disney Because Of Stuff Happening Off The Court That He Can't Control Or Discuss... What The Hell?

What in the living hell is LeBron talking about here? Something going on off the court that he can't control or can't discuss. Just say it dude. Stop having everyone speculate what it could be, but nooo, LeBron has to leave it all ominous as to why the Lakers are struggling. But I think I figured it out. You know it's almost too obvious: 

People are snitching on Dwight Howard left and right. No doubt about it. But I'm starting to think it has to be an internal snitch. It's not the Clippers calling on the Lakers. Nope, it's someone who can't stand Dwight on the Lakers. Only possible thing it can be. Only thing that makes sense here. Why else wouldn't LeBron be able to control it or talk about it. It's clear that he's losing his shit with Dwight Howard: 

Real shame to hear that something could be tearing the Lakers apart. Real damn shame.