The Big East And Big 10 Have Reportedly Looked At Doing A Bubble For The College Hoops Season ... Could It Actually Work?

Feel like it was only a matter of time before these reports started coming out about the college hoops season. And you know what? I've said it for weeks, if not months now, fuck yes. Hopefully it changes the way the NCAA rulebook is written too because how can you force these 'student-athletes' play in a bubble if it's not safe for other college kids to be around each other. But it makes sense to do a bubble. Again I've pitched this idea. Put them in the bubble, have them play a round robin style regular season, each team playing 2-3 times a week. Then you play the conference tournament right there for the automatic bid. You're doing regular testing so you can go right to the NCAA Tournament from there and just have the NCAA Tournament take place in Indianapolis or whatever. 

I still think Kevin Willard's plan makes the most sense though where you can play games on campus but start the season when the kids go home for Thanksgiving break. You can create a de facto bubble there plus it's not like you're worried about fans this year anyways. It's not like college hoops players go home for the holidays anyways. They maybe get a day or two because of practices and games. 

So yes it could work and honestly all the leagues need to look into this as much as possible. Explore every option so we have a season. That's all I ask for.