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Karma Just Smacked Me In The Face

I just made fun of Wade LeBlanc because his brain exploded mid pitch leading to the ugliest balk of all time, and 5 mins later this happens. Karma like you read about. This was quite possibly the ugliest attempt at a defensive play I've ever seen watching MLB. I am not embellishing when I say this, but an average JV high school player would be expected to camp under this ball. Hell, even that little twink Hubbs might get a glove on it. Definitely wouldn't catch it, but he might make contact with the baseball. That is NOT a good indictment on Eloy's defensive ability. 

I have said it the last two years: Eloy is going to kill an entire season of his playing OF. It's almost happened a few different times already before this train wreck. He's a GREAT hitter, just sucks beyond belief defensively. He just physically cannot play LF for whatever reason. It's not in his blood and what sucks the most is they have about a billion 1B/DH types on their roster already. Eloy, Collins, EE, and then down the line with Abreu and then McCann/Grandal who all should be DHing here and there as well. Just not enough positions or lineup spots to go around for all of those guys. That doesn't even get into Abreu's 3 year deal with Vaughn on deck who's basically ready now.

I loved the EE signing because he drops dick on baseballs and the Sox were notoriously bad at DH last year, but if benching him until he hypothetically gets dealt means Eloy never steps foot in LF again, I'd bench him tomorrow before trading him for whatever they can get.

God fucking damnit. He's going to hurt himself out there (again) and until that happens he's going to keep costing the team runs and running up pitch counts. It sucks. Jesus Christ that was ugly