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Good Lord. Shaqtin' A Fool might have a baseball highlight for the first time ever in it this week. I can't imagine how this even happened. Why was he stuck in the net like a dolphin off the shores of Japan? How did that happen? Yelich thought he was out when he put this ball in the air. He FOR SURE did not think he was going to score on the very same play. By the way it's dog shit this counts as an inside the park home run. I love Yelich and I hope this is the lucky bounce he needed to get right at the dish but this is the textbook definition of an error. A mental error, a computer error, a glitch in the matrix, surely should not count as a hit just because Jimenez couldn't muster to get a glove on the ball. 

PS - This almost proves my First and Second Team All Cool Teams correct mere hours before the awards ceremony ended. Cool players do not get entangled in the net that's supposed to save the fans from CTE. They do get lucky bounces that turn sure fire outs into inside-the-park home runs though.